Kite Beach

Located on the island of Sal, one of the Cape Verde archipelagos, Kite Beach is a privileged meeting place for kitesurfing enthusiasts from all over the world. The beach is located east of the resort of Santa Maria, and is renowned as a training ground for kitesurfing champions, who here engage in spectacular aerial stunts, ride the waves with skill and exhibit their acrobatic feats. Kite Beach is a favorite destination not only for its natural beauty, but also for the favorable conditions it offers to kitesurfers, both intermediate and advanced.

The beach is not only a paradise for kitesurfers, but also a protected nature reserve that serves as a breeding center for turtles. This aspect gives Kite Beach an ecological and educational value, making it an ideal destination also for families and naturalists. The surrounding area is rich in biodiversity and offers the opportunity to observe indigenous marine life up close, including lemon sharks which can be seen at the north end of the beach, in an area called Shark Bay.

Kite Beach’s appeal goes beyond its popularity among athletes. The combination of calm waters and moderate waves also makes it an ideal place for beginners looking to learn kitesurfing. Additionally, the proximity to the town of Santa Maria allows for easy access to a range of services and conveniences. The beach offers a mix of waves and flat waters, making it suitable for different styles of kitesurfing, and also one of the few places on the island where you can learn the sport. In Mitu and Djo’s restaurant, it is possible to participate in stargazing evenings with dinner and live music.

Conditions for kitesurfing are generally favorable throughout the year, thus attracting an international community of enthusiasts who contribute to a lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere. The natural beauty of Kite Beach, combined with the energy and passion of the kitesurfing community, makes this beach one of Cape Verde’s unique and inspiring destinations.