Shark Bay

Located on the fascinating Island of Sal, Cape Verde, Shark Bay, also known as Fejoal Bay, represents one of the natural wonders of the archipelago. This place is well known for its exceptional interaction with lemon sharks, impressive creatures that gracefully navigate the shallow waters of the bay.

The experience begins with the arrival at the bay, where visitors wear shoes suitable for walking on the beach and, after a few minutes of walking in the shallow water, they can admire the famous lemon sharks on the horizon. These delightful predators, between 2 and 3 meters long and weighing around 100 kg, swim placidly close to the shore, offering an unforgettable spectacle to those lucky enough to see them.

Despite their size, lemon sharks are harmless to humans, making this experience both exciting and safe. With a bit of luck, it is also possible to admire smaller sharks scampering between visitors’ legs, adding an extra thrill to this unique adventure. The crystal clear water and white sands frame this breathtaking scenery, while the blue sky reflects on the calm surfaces of the water, creating an almost surreal atmosphere.

The bay’s proximity to the picturesque village of Pedra de Lume adds a touch of cultural authenticity to the experience, allowing visitors to immerse themselves not only in the natural beauty of Shark Bay, but also in Sal’s rich cultural tapestry. This destination is undoubtedly a hidden gem that captures the essence of the beauty and adventure that Cape Verde has to offer, making every visit to Shark Bay an indelible memory in every explorer’s soul.