Santa Maria

Nestled within the charismatic Sal Island of Cape Verde, the serene city of Santa Maria beckons with its sunny beauty. Unveiling an expansive canvas of silken white sands stretching over 8 km, the Santa Maria beach is an oasis of tranquillity cradling the azure embrace of the Atlantic. The gentle whispers of the ocean breeze narrate tales of the ancient fishing village that once was, its essence still lingering in the quaint, narrow streets bustling with vibrant markets and warm smiles of the locals​​.

As the day unfolds, Santa Maria reveals its lively rhythm, a blend of native melodies and the soothing hum of the waves. The sun casts its golden rays, painting the skies with a palette of dawn hues, as it heralds the awakening of this beachside haven. As one meanders through the village, the inviting aroma of fresh brews escapes the quaint cafes, offering a taste of the local culture for a mere €0.70​​.

The soul of Santa Maria resonates with the rhythm of Morna music, a melody that drifts from the beachside bars, dancing along the shores as the day morphs into a cool, starlit night. The reverie continues into the night as the island pulses to the beats of local music, the mellow tunes forging memories against the backdrop of a moonlit ocean​.

The village is not just a spectacle of nature but a playground for the adventurous. The winds that sweep across the ocean’s face beckon surfers to ride the tides. Santa Maria is home to some surfing legends, whose name echoes with the waves that caress the shores​, as Mitu Monteiro, Matchu Lopes, Airton Cozzolino. The windsurfers carve through the waves, their silhouettes painting pictures against the cerulean skies, embodying the spirit of freedom that Santa Maria exudes​​.

As the carnival season ushers in the months of January and February, the village erupts in a medley of colours and rhythms. The festivities are a spectacle to behold, as the locals, adorned in traditional attire, celebrate with a vivacity that’s contagious​​.

Amidst the revelry, Santa Maria continues to be a humble abode to its residents, where traditional fishing practices are a common sight. The wooden pier, a vantage point, offers a glimpse into the daily lives of the fishermen as they return with the day’s catch, the horizon telling tales of their voyages into the heart of the ocean​.

The journey through Santa Maria is not just a sojourn for the senses, but a voyage through the simplistic yet rich tapestry of life that thrives in harmony with nature. Its beauty lies not just in the picturesque landscapes, but in the warmth of its people, the stories etched in its sands, and the melody that resonates with every wave that kisses the shore.