Santa Maria pier

The pontoon of Santa Maria, in the island of Sal, Cape Verde, known locally as “O Pontão”, is defined as probably the most touristic site in the city of Santa Maria. Every morning, the pier becomes a lively meeting point for local fishermen who land their catch, who gather here with the catch of the day, making the area a lively glimpse of daily Cape Verdean life and allowing visitors to observe a wide variety of fish. The comings and goings of people, both locals and tourists, contribute to creating a picturesque and cheerful scene that reflects the essence of daily life in Santa Maria.

The area surrounding the pier is particularly renowned, extending from the tip of the pier to Praia de Algodoeiro, a 7km stretch of white beaches where the crystalline sea fades into shades ranging from intense blue to aqua green.

A few steps from the pier, beach life comes to life. This is a favorite area for water sports enthusiasts, with the calm but lively waters providing the ideal environment for windsurfing and beach volleyball games. The area around the pier is a gathering place for sports enthusiasts and those who simply want to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the island.

Fishing and diving boats also find refuge in this pier, which has recently been rehabilitated, testifying to the local community’s commitment to preserving and enhancing this corner of paradise.