Palmeira is a charming fishing village located in the northwestern part of the island of Sal, Cape Verde. Located on the western shore of the island, the village is about 4-5 km west of the island’s capital, Espargos, and well-connected via roads leading both to the island’s capital and to the towns of Feijoal and Fontona. This picturesque village offers visitors an authentic taste of local Cape Verdean life, with its colorful houses typical of Cape Verdean architecture dotting the landscape and its sandy beaches inviting relaxation under the tropical sun.

The beating heart of Palmeira is its lively port, which is also the main port of Sal. This port is the only one on the island capable of hosting container ships arriving to supply the island, making Palmeira a vital hub for trade and connection with the rest of the world. Palmeira’s maritime environment is further enhanced by its coastal location, which offers shelter from prevailing winds, creating a generally very sheltered and welcoming anchorage for those arriving by sea.

Despite its importance as a port, Palmeira has retained its essence as a fishing village, where you can still feel the true Cape Verdean vibes. The locals, with their warm hospitality, contribute to creating a welcoming atmosphere that invites visitors to explore and appreciate the simplicity and natural beauty of this corner of Cape Verde. With its unique combination of local vitality and tranquil beauty, Palmeira represents a must-see destination for anyone visiting Sal, Cape Verde, offering a window into the true spirit and charm of the island.